Publications in more than 80 peer reviewed International / National Publications/ Proceedings, 01 Book and 08 Book Chapters, 06 Patents and over 100 presentations at Conferences, including 40 Invited Lectures


Dr. Srivasatava also published more than 10 National Publications Journal about Drinking water, Public Private Partnership and Business Development, Response surface Methodology etc.                            

Communicated Papers

Strategies on Process Engineering of Chondrocyte culture for cartilage tissue Engineering, Studies on Development of a novel Polyherbal wound dressing material using chitosan Polyvinyl alcohol composites.

Books Published

1. “Large Scale Production of monoclonal antibody”, Recent Developments in Biotechnology, Chapter 6, Pg131-165, Vol 1, Animal Biotechnology 2014, Studium Press, LLC, USA

2. “Bioreactor for Tissue Engineering” in Recent Developments in Biotechnology, Vol 12, Bioprocess and Biochemical engineering, 2014, Studium Press, LLC, USA

3. “Designing of Stem Cell facility with reference to India”, Chapter 9, Pg 209-224, Vol 1, Animal Biotechnology,2014, Studium Press, LLC, USA

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